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As a specialist for non-textile floor coverings for the aviation industry Heinemann Aircraft Interiors offers the comprehensive range of Flightfloor® non-textile floor coverings for use in galleys, lavatories, aisles, cargo holds, air stairs and entrance areas in aircraft: Flightfloor® L, CLASSIC and PLUS.

The products are easy to install and require little care.They are characterized by low shrinkage, low wear and are puncture-proof. Non-skid, non-stumble and easy cleaning properties are just as important as having a long service life.

An ongoing development is Flightfloor® ECO. This brand new TPU-flooring is a PVC-free and therefore particulary environment-friendly product especially designed in accordance to the Airbus specifications.
The full Flightfloor® range is distributed by
Heinemann Aircraft Interiors.
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DynactivTM Flightfloor CLASSIC
DynactivTM Flightfloor PLUS
DynactivTM Flightfloor L
DynactivTM Flightfloor Eco
DynactivTM Flightfloor Eco GFRP
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Silicon Joint Sealer
PVC Cold Welding Pastes (270 Kb)
PVC welding cord / Repair welding cord
Hot welding for flooring
AST elastic, self adhesive anti slip tapes & security floor covering


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