Embossings and colours may vary depending on your monitor. Please contact us for samples.
HAI-501102 - EEL BLUE
HAI-501103 - IVORY
HAI-501105 - GRANITE
HAI-512201 - GRANITE
HAI-512202 - EEL BLUE
Helifloor is a non slip protective PVC-coating, a lightweight cladding and facing material and ultra lightweight floor covering with a wide range of different applications for the safety of passengers, sensitive goods and interior items on board public and private means of transport.

Helifloor provides an unrivalled and low cost solution for staircases, lavatories, cockpits, baggage compartments, galleys, tables, bars, entrances, kick strips, dashboards, floorboards, etc. on commercial and military air planes, helicopters, ships, yachts, cruisers, busses, trains and subways.

Helifloor, a woven cotten coated with FR PVC and embossed texture is available in rolls 15 m long and 142 cm wide, weighing approx. 995 gr/sqm, thickness of 1.05-1.35 +/- 0.15mm.

Standard low profile asymmetric surface embossings are VLD being 1mm diameter and VFD being 3mm diameter.

Helifloor-VLD comes in five and Helifloor-VFD in four standard colours. Custom colours require a minimum order of 500 linear meter.

The product complies with FAR 25.853, Sub.- (a), Appendix F, Part 1, (a)(1)(i&ii) and FAR 25.793 Amndt. 25.51