Flightfloor© L  
P/N 301337
iron grey, FFL

P/N 301423
slate grey, VNP/LL

P/N 301429
sapphire blue, FFL
P/N 301432
black , VNP/LL
  Flightfloor© CLASSIC  
P/N 400234
terra brown, BCV
P/N 401215
terra brown, VNP/LL
P/N 401222
slate grey, BCV

P/N 401328
azur blue, FFL

P/N 401336
iron grey, VNP/LL
P/N 401337
iron grey, FFL
P/N 401423
slate grey, VNP/LL

P/N 401429
sapphire blue, FFL


P/N 401451
chestnut brown, BCV

P/N 401453
night blue, BCV

P/N 401455
black, BCV
  Flightfloor© PLUS  
P/N 401330
slate grey, VNP/LL
P/N 401343
grey, FFU/LL

P/N 401347
sapphire blue, FFL

P/N 401365
grey, FFL

  * Stock availability guaranteed.  
  Due to the printing process limitations, printed colors may not match the actual flooring color. lf color match is critical, please request a sample.  
  Due to manufacturing process FFL pattern does not side match.  
  Larger samples, technical data sheets, other textures and colors on request.